Plastic Eaters - The Giggies & Piggies Extended Play (Currently Unreleased)
The Giggies & Piggies Extended Play currently remains unreleased, but we are hoping to release it to iTunes sometime in the near future.

1. Going On A Mission
2. Big Ball It
3. Bug Away
4. Six Gun
5. All Soon WillL Be
6. Nowhere To Go
7. Going On A Mission (Radio Edit)

Plastic Eaters - Merry X-mas Everybody (2000)
A holiday favorite for years to come. 2 song ep. Plastic Eaters’ remake of the Slade classic. Also includes the Plastic Eaters single "Going on a Mission".

1. Merry X-mas Everybody
2. Going On A Mission

Merry X-mas Everybody - Plastic Eaters

Plastic Eaters - Live At The Uptown (2000)
Plastic Eaters' first full length release. 9 songs of their signature sound that meshes the first wave of punk with loops, samples and breakbeats.

1. Going On A Mission
2. Gamma Rays
3. Passed
4. Falling
5. Stars In My Sky
6. Six Gun
7. All Soon Will Be
8. Get On
9. Winding

Plastic Eaters - Get On - EP - WME2 (1998)
A collection of new tracks with the familiar Plastic Eaters signature sound.

1. Get On
2. Going On A Mission
3. All Soon Will Be

Plastic Eaters' Self-Titled EP - WME1 (1997)
A blend of samples, loops, and breakbeats, with punk guitars and vocals.

Jungle Punk-The future of rock n' roll (or maybe not)

1. Passed
2. Falling
3. Stars In My Sky
4. Somewhere, Something

Plastic Eaters - Six Gun 12" - WME0 (1997)
Plastic Eaters' first release, written around a vocal sample of The Clash's Joe Strummer from their release of 'I Fought The Law'.

Limited to 300 copies.

1. Six Gun (Version)
2. Six Gun (Edit)
3. Six Gun (Hamstrumental)